The sliding uPVC doors comprise of two or more frames that can slide horizontally, to the left or right on tracks. The doors are very smooth to operate since they are slightly raised above the track. This also prevents the dust from settling in the track. uPVC Sliding Doors are a perfect fit if you are looking to make your space look well-lit and spacious.

Casement Doors

A uPVC casement door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. AIS uPVC Casement Doors are suitable for balcony patio or deck. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colours.

uPVC Slide and Fold Doors

Slide and fold uPVC doors are designed for maximum flexibility while providing a smart yet attractive look to your entrance. The slide and fold uPVC doors come with a sash which gives you the choice to move it in either direction or stack them to one end. The design isn’t the only aspect these doors have to offer as they are highly durable making them immune to extreme temperatures. They have the advantage of opening completely or partially, providing you with an adequate amount of ventilation and fresh air.