Arch Windows

VEKA 1-60 Casement profiles have the flexibility to be bent into arch shapes, giving a traditional look to the building. Our in-house arch-bending facility fabricated arch windows with options of single and double glazing.

Tilt & Slide Doors

VEKA Tilt & Slide Doors offer a grand view. While giving the option to tilt and slide the doors behind the fixed panel, for maximum ventilation. The door system in in 1-60 Casement Series with European hardware, making it reliable, soundproof and secure.

Slide & Fold Doors

VEKA Tilt & Slide Doors offer a premium look with maximum opening space, which can be integrated into your balconies or terraces. The window system is available inn 1-60 Casement Series with German hardware.

Tile & Turn Windows

VEKA Tilt & Turn windows provide an avant-garde look to your house. They are inward opening. Available in 1-60 Casement Series, and ensure good ventilation. They provide a higher degree of flexibility, suitable for any building type.